Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Prac's Supreme Services situated?
    We are based at 350B, Anneke Street, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria East. (Exactly 4 km from the Solomon Mahlangu (Hans Strydom) & Lynnwood Street crossing)

  2. Do you administer practices outside the Pretoria area?
    Yes, we assist Medical Practitioners throughout the whole of South Africa.

  3. What is the main function of Prac's Supreme Services?
    The basic function of Prac's Supreme Services is to provide services to healthcare providers, in order for them to get paid by the Medical Aid Schemes, and to do the follow-up of unpaid accounts.

  4. Do you follow up on unpaid claims from Medical Aids?
    Yes, if an account on 60 days or older still appears to be outstanding from medical aids.

  5. How do I get my claims to Prac's Supreme Services?
    • Daily Collections (For local Providers)
    • Weekly or twice weekly collections for providers in Johannesburg, Mabopane, Soshanguve, Witbank and Middelburg
    • Via Fax: For Small volumes or Urgent claims
    • Via Email
    • By Courier
    • By Post

  6. Do you have a specific form that I need to use?
    We do provide you with a form, but also make use of acceptable forms you are currently using

  7. What is EDI?
    EDI stands for Electronic data Interchange and it is the fastest and most reliable way to transmit data from one computer to another.

  8. How does the Prac's Supreme Service system work?
    Once we receive your claims, the data is entered on our computers and is then electronically transmitted to an EDI hub. The data is then checked and submitted to the various medical aids. Should there be an upfront rejection, we will receive the rejection report within hours of transmission. Once paid by the medical aids, the Provider is reimbursed directly by them.

  9. How long do I have to wait to get reimbursed?
    Medical Aid Companies pay electronically submitted claims before any paper claims. You receive payment within 5 to 30 days after submission, depending on the medical aid.

  10. Do I get reimbursed directly from the medical aids?
    Yes, all payments are made directly into your own bank account.

  11. Do I receive any reports from you?
    Every end of the month we print the following:
    • VAT Summary
    • Patient list
    • Invoice of what you owe us as per payments received from medical aids.

  12. How do you reconcile payments received?
    Upon registration with us, we will change your postal and e-mail address at the medical aids to ours, in order to streamline the reconciliation process. All remittances received will be either delivered or posted back to you.

  13. Do I have to sign a contract with you?
    We do have a service agreement to protect both parties involved.

  14. Can I cancel our contract at any time?
    You can cancel you contract at any time, but a 2 months notice period is required to close your account.

  15. Who has access to my data?
    Only the staff at Prac's Supreme Services and absolutely no one else, has access to your information.

  16. How secure is the data I give to you?
    All data and files given to us is under strict control. We do daily back-ups of our complete system.

  17. Do you do new practice registrations?
    Yes, we will register and update your banking details at all Medical Aids and relevant institutions.

  18. What do I, as the service provider, have to do?
    Supply Prac's Supreme Services with the relevant data and bank the cheque!

  19. How do I contact Prac's Supreme Services?
    Click here for all our contact information or to submit an online query