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Why our service is "Supreme"

As a medical bureau that has been providing service to the medical community for over 17 years we are always finding our soon to be clients asking - What separates your company from the hundreds of other medical bureaus out there? Well, apart from being one of the biggest and the best, we do Claims Status Checking.

While other medical bureaus simply submit claims and may even do some routine follow up with the Medical Aids, Prac's Supreme Services says, "That is not enough!" That is why we implemented Claims Status Checking. Instead of waiting for the medical administrators to respond with an answer to your claims, Prac's Supreme Services has taken a proactive approach. If there has been no response on any individual claim for 60 days we contact the medical administrators for an immediate status check. This allows us to stay ahead of the administrators and know if the claim was denied, why it was denied and fix the problem without waiting for the medical aid to tell you that the claim was denied, which in some cases can take more than 120 days!

How does it help you?

As a medical bureau we know that providing your patients with quality care is your #1 responsibility. We also know that you need time to manage your practice and build a successful business. That's where we come in, making sure your practice is not just a good business, but a great business! Claims Status Checking allows us to generate an increased steady cash flow because we don't just wait around until your claims are paid, we go after every rand and will never let a legitimate claim go unpaid! If your claim is denied for any reason we'll know sooner and take care of the problem.

Bottom line..

  • Your claims are processed faster
  • Your cash flow is increased by reducing your Accounts Receivable balance
  • You have more time to focus on your practice
  • It won't cost you a cent extra

  • Not a Prac's Supreme Services client yet?...

    Should you have any further questions about our supreme services, follow the link to our comprehensive Questions & Answers page or Contact us today and let us show you how to keep more of the money you make.

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